Magnum Chall HVP x JJ Magnums Diamond
JJ Diamond Challl 2006 Chestnut Stallion.15H  Sire is MAGNUM CHALL HVP ( Magnum Psyche x Taamara HVP ) 3X National Champion Stallion and Brazilian National Champion Stallion. Dam  JJ MAGNUMS DIAMOND  ( Magnum Psyche x  Navia HCF )
2006  National Champion Mare. Both Sire and Dam are by the MULTI-NATIONAL and INTER-NATIONAL  Champion Stallion
MAGNUM PSYCHE.  JJ Diamond Chall Pedigree  is composed of  such greats as  DON EL CHALL , PADRON PSYCHE,*SASAKI      *PADRON,*CAJUN PRINCE HCF, ALMADEN, BEY SHAH,  A FANCY MIRACLE, *NV SERENE.  With so many great horses in his                                         pedigree it is no wonder that JJ DIAMOND CHALL is the QUALITY  STALLION  that he is .

                                                                                       JJ DIAMOND CHALL   
                                                                         will be standing to the public for 2010 for the
                                                               Introductory fee of $ 1,000.00 /$750.00 AI only.
                                                                                 SCID CLEAR and CA CLEAR
                                                                              Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated Sire
                                        Multi-Mare Discounts Available  and Terms  are Available on Breeding Arrangements

           (Magnum Chall  HVP)                                                                                        ( JJ Magnums Diamond )